What is Kusha Kapila famous for?

Why is Kusha Kapila so famous?

The content writer is also known for her popular fictional character Billi Maasi. She also portrays another character called Nayna. Before her success, she used to work in firms like Apparel Online and Razorfish. She currently works as a fashion editor for iDIVA.

What does Kusha Kapila earn?

Kusha Kapila is a renowned Indian media platform’s content writer, actress, and social media personality. She is widely known for her portrayal of the fictitious Billi Maasi. Her net worth is Rs. 20 Cr.

Is Kusha Kapila from NIFT?

A deep dive into the college life of Kusha Kapila at NIFT, New Delhi.

At what age Kusha Kapila got married?

She is married to Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. His husband also has an Instagram of his own where he has over 17.5K followers (as of March 5, 2020)….Kusha Kapila Biography, Boyfriend, Lifestyle & Net Worth.

Age 32 Years (As in 2021)
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Fair
Tatto Yes
Brest Size 32

•Sep 30, 2021

Who is zorawar Ahluwalia?

Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia is an Indian YouTuber. He is the founder of the YouTube channel, Zor & More. Zorawar is the husband of the popular social media celebrity, Kusha Kapila.

What does Kusha Kapila’s husband do?

Kusha is married to Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia (Employee at Diageo).

What does zorawar Singh Ahluwalia do?

Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia is an Indian YouTuber. He is the founder of the YouTube channel, Zor & More. Zorawar is the husband of the popular social media celebrity, Kusha Kapila.

Has Kusha Kapila left iDiva?

Because I started my career in digital, I know that there are no formulas. I have written clickbait headlines. When I left iDiva as a writer I had the maximum number of page views, so I know what works for people.

What is the age of Joravar Singh?

Age 21 Years (As in 2021)
Height 5.10 Feet
Weight 65 Kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

•Jul 20, 2021

What is the age of Kusha?

32 years (September 19, 1989)Kusha Kapila / Age

What is the height of Joravar Singh?

Body, Height, Weight

Body Type Slim
Body Measurements Chest: 42 Inches – Waist: 33 Inches – Biceps: 13 Inches
Zero Size N/A
Zoravar Singh’s Height 5 feet 10 inches / 177 Centimeters
Weight 75 kg / 165.375 lbs

Apr 3, 2021

Who is Sehaj Zaildar?

Sehaj Zaildar is a famous content creator who is a fitness model, Professional bodybuilder and social media influencer. He is famous for creating content on Youtube on Fitness. He got his limelight in 2019.

How old is Mallika Dua?

32 years (July 17, 1989)Mallika Dua / Age

What is the age of jaskirat Maan?

25 years old
Jaskirat Maan was born in Punjab, India on 16 February 1996, to a middle-class Hindu family. He is twenty-five years old….Jaskirat Maan Personal Life Info & More.

Date of Birth/Birthday 16 February 1996
Age (as in 2021) 25 years old
Birthplace Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Hometown Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Which caste is Zaildar?

He belong to a Shergill family.

Who is Mallika DUAS husband?

Mallika Dua Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Boys, Affairs and More
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends Not Known
Husband N/A

What is Vinod Dua doing?

New Delhi: Veteran journalist Vinod Dua has died after a prolonged illness following a Covid infection, his daughter Mallika Dua has confirmed in a social media post. The 67-year-old journalist was last week moved to the Intensive Care Unit of Apollo Hospital in Delhi on the advice of doctors.

How Old Is Rehman Malik?

70 years (1951–2022)Rehman Malik / Age at death

Is prabh Kaur married?

She is married to Nishan Khehra on 1 Dec 2021.

What caste is Shergill?

Shergill (शेरगिल) is one of the largest Jat tribes found in Punjab.

Is Zaildar a surname?

Popular Punjabi singer Geeta Zaildar uses it as his surname.

What was Vinod Dua age?

67 years (1954–2021)Vinod Dua / Age at death

He died after suffering from chronic liver disease as a post-COVID-19 complication in New Delhi on 4 December 2021, at the age of 67.

Who is Rahul Dua?

Rahul Dua is an established Indian stand-up comedian and is referred to as the brightest comic of the new generation. His caught his first big break when he appeared on ‘Comicstaan’, a comedy reality show. He is also an active YouTuber and his videos go viral. His genre of comedy is ‘observational comedy’.

Has Vinod Dua died?

December 4, 2021Vinod Dua / Date of death

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