What is tree crew?

What language do the tree crew Speak?

Trigedasleng (TRI-ge-da-sleng), sometimes shortened to Trig, is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of Mid-Atlantic United States, known as Grounders. Trigedasleng translates to “forest language”, it originated with the Trikru clan and doesn’t have its own writing system.

What is Wonkru in the 100?

Wonkru was a clan, consisting of eleven of the former Grounder clans and Skaikru, founded by Octavia Blake. This clan was the successor to the former Coalition. It was created after the Final Conclave in anticipation of the impending Praimfaya.

Where is Trikru located?

One of the clans of the Grounders, TriKru, is based 210 km east of the Delinquents’ Camp. This location is named Tondc, after ‘Washington DC.

Is Lexa from Trikru?

However, the final hour’s most shocking revelation has to be the long-awaited return of fan favorite Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa. Well, sort of. Before you get your hopes up, fandom, the real Lexa kom Trikru died in the Season 3 episode “Thirteen” and is still most sincerely dead as of the series finale.

How do you say hello in Trigedasleng?

For “hello”, you say heya or hei; “goodbye” is leidon, or for short, leida.

How do I speak Trigedasleng?

0:464:04Learn Trigedasleng #1: Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru – YouTubeYouTube

How old is Lexa Trikru?

Return to the Ground

Full Name: Lexa kom Trikru
Age: 20
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Nightbloods
Title/Profession: Commander

How Old Is Clarke The 100?

By the final scene of The 100, Clarke is physically 25 years old, but her physical age is not the same as her chronological or mental age.

Is Indra still alive The 100?

The characters to die in “A Little Sacrifice” were none other than Diyoza, Anders, and (seemingly) Indra. Indra’s number has been up ever since she betrayed Sheidheda and he survived, putting her at the top of the list of people he needed to get rid of.

Where is Polis in real life?

It is unknown where the capitol is located exactly, but based on travelling distance from and to Arkadia and the map Clarke uses in season 5 episode 1, it is located near what was Baltimore. And also, Raven’s computer map shows that Polis was located in Baltimore.

Who becomes Heda after Lexa?

Ontari was a Nightblood from the Ice Nation and after Lexa’s death came to Polis in order to become the next Commander. However, she never won the conclave but simply killed all other Nightbloods while they were asleep. Moreover, she was missing the Flame that truly made someone a Commander.

Was Lexa a Nightblood?

Lexa grew up with the Woods Clan and began her warrior training at the age of two. She was born a Nightblood and was, as is tradition, brought to Polis as a child to be groomed as a potential successor to the Commander. She was mentored by Flamekeeper Titus and later served as Anya’s Second.

How do I learn trigonometry?

0:464:04Learn Trigedasleng #1: Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru – YouTubeYouTube

Why do the grounders speak a different language?

Everyone in Mount Weather only spoke English, so creating this new language, Trigedasleng, ensured that the Mountain Men would not be able to understand the Grounders’ battle plans.

What does Yu Gonplei Ste Odon?

Yu gonplei ste odon means “Your (singular) fight is over”, and Yo gonplei ste odon means “Your (plural) fight is over”.

How do the grounders know English?

In the show “The 100”, the Grounders speak a language called “Trigedasleng”. This language is intended to be a descendant of modern English, and we are to understand that it arose through natural linguistic drift.

Who is commander after Lexa?

Ontari was a recurring character during the third season. She was portrayed by actress Rhiannon Fish and debuted in “Watch the Thrones”. Ontari was a Nightblood from the Ice Nation and after Lexa’s death came to Polis in order to become the next Commander.

Why did Finn’s eyes open?

After being screamed at by the poor, heartbroken Raven, Clarke watches the Grounders drag Finn’s body away – and his eyes open eerily to begin his silent judgement. This was a pretty on-the-nose way to deal with Clarke’s guilt, but I’ll take it.

Who is Octavia’s dad?

In the original script it was supposed to be revealed that Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) biological father, but that plot line was soon dropped.

Is Indra alive Naruto?

Though his body was destroyed, Indra’s chakra would continue to exist. His chakra reincarnated into various individuals throughout history, and his reincarnations would also inherit his will.

Does Indra forgive Octavia?

Indra states that for her, its only been days since she saw Octavia but for Octavia it has been ten years and another planet. Indra knows that Octavia hasn’t been able to forgive herself for her actions and states that she feels equally responsible as they were all Blodreina.

What is the tower in The 100?

Tower. The tower is the home of the Commander.

Where is The 100 set on Earth?

The 100 land on earth 20 miles west of Mount Weather, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. Clarke leads a group to Mount Weather while Bellamy starts setting up The Camp.

Is Octavia a Nightblood?

In the most recent episode of The 100, “Red Queen,” we saw the Grounders in the bunker struggle with Octavia’s status as their leader given that, unlike all of their previous leaders, she is not a Nightblood.

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